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You Can Now Have a Dry Cleaner on Site!

THE ODC BUILDING CONNECT SERVICE is the most convenient and easy way to offer any apartment community, office building staff, and corporate professionals a way to drop off their dry cleaning and laundry without leaving their facility. 

As a provider, you can add a service opportunity into your common area lunchroom. Parking structures are a central and convenient way to drop off and pick up your dry cleaning. The possibilities are endless! Our process gives everyone a little extra time to better focus on essential matters, other than your dry cleaning and laundry. 

ODC provides an in-app payment service within the app for easy and speedy transactions; you can check in your dry cleaning and drop it in the allocated area for pick up based on the agreement in your building or apartment. The process is based on the contract between the building and you as the provider allocated to the service.

Advantages to a building offering dry-cleaning/ Laundry Solution

Give your employees, tenants or residents the gift of opportunity by connecting with online dry-cleaning building connect service at a building level to provide a service directly to your office, building or concierge, for dry cleaning & laundry services.

Building Concept

The ODC building concept is created to generate the profitability for you as an add from the ODC brand by expanding its capabilities of the technology to Air Bnb, service buildings, government and Residential apartments.


The administrator job is the simplest between the two parties.

The administrator receives the orders at a central point by the users for collection from the building, and once the provider collects the orders, processes them, and then returned to the administrator’s fixed collection point for the users to pick up.

NOTE: we have created alerts between the providers/ administrators and users for up to date processing.

We Are creating wealth by adding on buildings through the online dry-cleaning smart app connection.


Alerts for the processing is the same process as a user in stages of pickup, processing, delivering and delivered by our existing system.


  • Master – Commission stays the same up to %
  • Card service – Transaction fee = approximately %
  • Administrator – Commission scales from %, based on the location and agreement between the building and the provider.
  • Provider – Commission scaled from 1 to the remaining % of sales, based on the location and agreement between the provider and the building.

Registration of a Building Provider (Administrator)

The registration process of an administrator is like a reseller within the odc system, and the administrator or provider can add buildings and connect providers or buildings to the dashboard from the list registered within the administrator’s LIST , if the building is NOT on the list, they will need to register themselves under the administrator’s LINK of signing up.

(This will create the workflow of the commissions between all PROVIDER associated with the building administrator or concierge account holder.)


Workflow of the user’s app.

  • Enter app.
  • Enter Building Services.
  • Select your building from the geo map connected to you.
  • Process the order.
  • Place the order in the desired location for the driver to pick up.

Building Services

  1. If the user selects building services, the users can only see providers connected to buildings around their location, based on the geo mapping system.
  2. Upon entering the building connect button, the next populated screen is our existing search for a BUILDING.
  3. The user will choose a provider to either LOOK at the prices and services or proceed to place an order. We will allow multiple providers to be able to be connected to the building for numerous services available in the future of service. EXAMPLE: Car washing, Office cleaning, etc
  4. The user selects the provider to engage in and processes an order, same as any other service in the current user app.
  5. PICKUP AND DELIVERY schedules will be agreed upon and allocated in the dashboard of the PROVIDERS dashboard associated to the building. The service provider will agree upon fixed pickup and delivery dates, that will automatically populate in this section of the app. This will be GENERATED by the provider using the blocked-out dates system in the dashboard.
  6. The pickup and delivery address will be AUTO FILLED and locked into the building’s address, proceed to checkout and will skip this screen if it is connected to a building.
  7. If the user is not signed in, sign in, same as any other users.
  8. Proceed to checkout.
  9. Alert the building administrator, provider, and the user the order is being processed.
  10. Same alerts as a regular user placing an order.

Driver App

All orders within the driver’s app will still need to be populated and processed, as usual, so all users will receive the alerts, individually of the whole process of pickup, processed and being delivered, regardless of the qty.


The service providers are still in control of:

  1. Pricing of all items within the provider’s list.
  2. Pickup and delivery dates based upon the agreement between the two parties.
  3. The providers and the administrators are controlled directly by the master.

Ready to start your business adventure, let’s make dry cleaning great again.

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