Laundry Service Pickup & Delivery

While most of us imagine starting or adding on a laundry service to your existing business, we may think of requiring rows upon rows of industrial washers and dryers with dozens of employees efficiently loading, unloading, drying and folding laundry in a laundromat. Or the vision of expanding to a self-service laundromat or starting laundry or dry cleaning business will cost thousands and thousands of dollars in investments to set-up and operate along with fabric care and business management expertise.

But there is a way to become a laundry entrepreneur that doesn’t require a considerable investment and can even be done as a part-time job. It’s easier than you think.

How to Start a Pickup & Delivery Laundry Service

Everyone seems to be perplexed these days, and having a bit of help with daily chores is always welcome. Key areas where a laundry pickup & delivery service would work exceptionally well are college campuses, large office complexes, and densely populated areas.

Online dry cleaning can give you the opportunity in starting the service through our smart app technology

Project Questions

  • Startup Costs: $0.00
  • Location of Service: Can be operated from anywhere around the world.
  • Time Required: 60 Seconds to sign up.
  • Can I choose my area of service? YES
  • Can I select my Pickup & delivery days? YES
  • Can I charge for pickup & delivery? YES
  • Can I set my prices? YES
  • Van Required? YES
  • Online Operation? YES
  • APPS for the Web, Apple & Android? YES
  • Web Provider Portal  YES
  • Skill Level: Intermediate

What You’ll Need

Establish a Service Area

  1. Start by determining your service area within the parameters of the app, you are in control of the size of the area you wish to create. Do your homework and look for areas within your city that offer the most potential for business. By doing some research online, you can find population statistics, large employers in your area, and locations of commercial laundries and dry cleaners.
Time is the new currency for people who live a busy life.

NEW to the service?

Develop a Relationship With a Local Cleaner

  1. To make it even more successful, an entrepreneur should establish a relationship with a neighbourhood commercial laundry/dry cleaner which might offer a discount for the regular influx of business. Negotiate a flat rate offer for one semester of laundry (sheets, towels, bedding) from a college student.

Plan Your Schedule

  1. Plan your calendar and availability through the app; determine if this will be a part-time job. You should set your different routes and areas before beginning.

Determine What to Charge

  1. You’re in total control of pricing in what to charge for your laundry services, remember, you want to not only cover the cost of your fuel and expenses but make some money. But at the same time, you need to charge a fair and competing price to draw and keep customers.
  2. Start by establishing the cost of managing your vehicle per distance—remember the maintenance of a vehicle isn’t cheap—and factor in any road tolls or parking fees you may need to pay.
  3. If you plan to hire others to assist you, they will probably expect a competitive hourly wage. Once you have all of the expenses factored, you can then establish a flat fee per pick up and delivery for orders over a particular value, you may consider being free of charge.

Ask for Help

Take advantage of free local business development services in your area that can give you great advice and even offer skills to help you get started. 

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