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If You’re a Dry Cleaner / Laundry Service provider?

Online Dry Cleaning is the best solution for you to run your dry clean business smoothly. Online dry cleaning is virtually synonymous with dry cleaners, and to the dry cleaners; it’s a referral service.

Meet the new CURRENCY of the younger generation of businesspeople.

The percentage of users engaging in a smartphone service is now higher than ever before; the mobile pickup and delivery smart app service are NOW coming; the question is, is your DRYCLEANING shop ready.

The smart app is operational on Android, IOS, and the web app that connects users with dry cleaners using their smart phone’s GPS capabilities. By letting both parties know one another’s location and removing the question of when the dry cleaner will pick up and deliver their items.

The ODC company will process all payments involved. ODC takes care of charging the user’s credit card on checkout. ODC then takes a small commission on all orders generated within the system and handling all card services. The dry cleaners can then remove the remaining money from their escrow account after a 14-day cooling-off period. All in the background and completely cashless. It is created to work in all countries around the world, Online Dry-Cleaning reach is staggering, and its effect is uniting. If you know how to open an app up in your smartphone, then Online Dry Cleaning can work.

Your prices, your logo, your service times, your pickup, and delivery times, and our technology to make you more profitable.

As a provider, You Can Access it from Mobile Devices, Tablet or Your Personal Computer


Dry Cleaners You need to evolve your business and adjust to our market trends.

“We are in a shrinkage period of service.” 

  • Australia’s Market share: $2bn
  • Number of Businesses: 4,355
  • Average Industry Profit Margin is down
  • Industry Employment: 17,169

Smart app platforms are leading to fingertip ordering, tracking, pickup, and delivery; this means the flavoring of our industry services toward the app-happy youth of today gets to the heart of the matter.

We need to serve the young leaders of tomorrow in their  dry cleaning garment care needs.

Dry cleaners it’s now time find opportunities by branching out,” Online dry cleaning, gives you this opportunity to push yourself into the future with other services such as

  • Dry Cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Shoe
  • Uniform
  • Wedding gown
  • Curtain Cleaning,

all these services to the user’s doorstep of home or business.

Additional service coming available for use through the odc brand, such as building services, locker service into residential or corporate buildings.

Attaching other cleaning industry sectors into the app like Carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, house cleaning, oven cleaning, and general cleaning will provide a potential of a much broader scope of end-users to engage in your industry-specific services.

What is Online Dry Cleaning?

We bring the collective group of multi providers for services and users over the world for providing services like..

  • Dry cleaning.
  • Laundry provider.
  • Designer bags/hats and shoes.
  • Specialists in wedding gown cleaning and preservation.
  • Curtain cleaning.

Specialists in takedown them cleaning and rehanging curtains in homes or offices, and for that extra home duties, that no wants to do, is a professional ironing service.

What is Onilne Dry Cleaning, and how does it work?

To users, were similar say like, uber eats, we provide the technology between users and service providers; it’s a referral service.
We have readily available smart apps on Android, IOS, and web that connect users with dry cleaners. We use smart GPS, to keep both parties up to date processing orders and remove the question of when the dry cleaner will pick up and deliver items back to a customer.

All you need to do is:

1. Register as a service provider.

2. Create your services and prices.

3. Select your delivery period.

Block out the days your service isn’t available and get ready to pick up any work allocated to you through the apps, clean it and then re-deliver the items back to the customer. It’s easy as Online Dry Cleaning.
Online Dry Cleaning has created a smart google map driver’s app designed for the pickup and delivery service. It has built-in smarts routes for the smartest and logical process, based on the pickups and deliveries list generated for your area.

How do I get paid for these jobs I do?

How do I get paid for these jobs I do?
Inside your associate’s dashboard, you will see all of your transactions through our escrow payment system. The screen will show you all the users, orders generated, drivers, and your income. It also allows you to allocate orders and deliveries to your drivers through the order management API. To make the whole process simple, the Online Dry-Cleaning company processes all payments involved by charging the user’s credit card. Payment works like; 1. We take our fixed commission of all orders generated within the system; 2. The merchant card services will take theirs, 3. The remaining money is left in the escrow account for the provider; it is accessible after a cooling-off period; this works all in the background and completely automatically.

ODC has built into the management module.

• Fleet Control.

• Notification Management.

• Order Management.

• Analytics Reporting.

• Email notification.

The system also notifies you and your users every step of the process with push notification and SMS.

How to get Started?

1. Add your services, logo, and own prices from our existing list and determine your area you wish to serve in a radius that suits you.

2. Determine your block out dates and re-delivery period.

3. Promote your services in your area. As we also will provide our marketing for service in all areas as well.

4. Receive alerts when you have a pickup, log in to the order management API, print the order, and allocate to the driver for pickup.

5. Clean the items within the given agreed time. Allocate a driver to re-deliver the items back to the user.

6. The system will automatically generate SMS and push notifications to the user and the provider through the entire process.

7. Online Dry Cleaning allows you to provide a better service for your existing customers and opens the door for even more customers in your area.

"Now you won't have to chase customers, The customers will track you."

*Please note the ODC team must approve all providers joining.

$159 month
  • Complete Dry Clean Solution
  • Sales / Order Management API
  • Mobile Applications
  • Escrow Wallet
  • 1 Driver
  • 24/7 support

Be an Affiliate

As it is currently FREE to join for the first 100 Service Providers, Saving you $399.00 per year.

  • Customer Ordering App
  • Service Provider’s API
  • Driver allocation App
  • Customer Ordering
Business Plus
$399 Year
  • Complete Dry Clean Solution
  • Sales / Order Management API
  • Mobile Applications
  • Escrow Wallet
  • 5 Driver’s
  • 24/7 support

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