How to Start a Pickup & Delivery service in just 60 Seconds

What is Online Dry Cleaning, and how does it work?

To users, were similar say like uber eats, we provide the technology between users and dry cleaners; it’s a referral service. We have readily available smart apps for Android, IOS and web app that connects users with dry cleaners, using their smart phone’s GPS, we keep both parties up to date with the process of the service and removing the question of when the dry cleaner will pick up and deliver their items.

All you need to do is, register as a provider, create your services and prices, select your delivery period, block out the days your service isn’t available and get ready to pick up any work allocated to you through the apps, clean it and then re-deliver the items back to the customer. It’s easy as ODC.

Startup Costs: $0.00
Location of Service: Can be operated from anywhere around the world.
Time Required: 60 Seconds to sign up.
Can I choose my area of service?  YES
Can I choose my Pickup & delivery days?  YES
Can I charge for pickup & delivery?  YES
Can I set my own prices?  YES
Van Required? YES
Online Operation? YES
APPS for the Web, Apple & Android? YES
Web Provider Portal  YES

Who is Online Dry Cleaning

Online Dry Cleaning is a Global Solution provider. That provides a turnkey operation from an industry leader in, technology for dry cleaners/laundry & alterations stores for the last 30 years in Australia. We provide the solutions to Users, Dry Cleaners & Giant Business Chains.

Much more than a catchy name, Online Dry Cleaning has managed to capture its share of the market through excellent service, exceptional social media marketing, and aggressive courting of dry cleaners across the world. The background technology is remarkable, connecting users and dry cleaners with a smooth interface that rarely reports errors. It also has the potential to do much more than offer dry cleaning services — in bringing laundry, wedding gown cleaning, and even curtain cleaning to users’ doors; it’s shown the ability to be a groundbreaking pickup and delivery service, too.

Same dry cleaners in your local area, now offering a Pickup and delivery service to your home or office.

Easy to use smart application

Online Dry Cleaning is as easy as 1.. 2… 3… Just download the application & make your first order. Enter your location to view your local providers in your area; select the one you feel most comfortable with.

Push Notifications

A push notification will alert you on the pickup, cleaning, and delivery of your items.

Doorstep Pickup & Delivery service

Place your items into a bag and tell us their location for pickup, and We will collect your items. Just let us know where you are, office or home.

Apps Provided and are Ready to go

User App – Android/ Apple & Web YES
Drivers App- Android/ Apple YES
Providers App/ Web Portal YES

Solving a time-poor person issue

A Typical person issue:
We all have items that need cleaning at a dry cleaner to wear to the office. Theirs always something lying around dirty in your bedroom or laundry room in the house. If only there were time to run out to the dry cleaner and then more time to pick up the suits afterwards. The solution: JOIN as a service provider of a dry-cleaning pickup and delivery service. If you’ve got excellent organisational skills, you like being on the run and hope to earn good money, and then this might be just the business for you. 

Connect to Online Dry Cleaning and make MONEY

You’ll contract yourself to a local dry-cleaning establishment to service your customers’ clothes. Then you’ll pick up the dirties from homes and offices, take them in for cleaning, pick them up after servicing and return them to their rightful owners. You can arrange regular biweekly stops, picking up fresh dirties as you drop off your last visit’s load of now-clean garments, and you can have customers call for emergency pickups through our app. The advantages to this business are that you can work from home, and you’re always on the go, so you’re not sitting around waiting for activity. You’ll need organisational and logistical skills as well as good sales and marketing techniques to convince dry cleaners and customers to use your company.

Connect to Residential and Business people in your area

Your customers will be busy business and residential people who don’t want to spend their time trotting to and from the cleaners. Businesses make excellent targets because people at work are generally on-site (or their secretaries or other employees are) and easily accessible. You might also target military bases if there are any in your area–people in the uniformed services always need clean, pressed clothes and are a good source of revenue. Direct mail brochures to prospects in the neighbourhoods you plan to service–target middle- and upper-income areas where people can afford your service. Deliver your advertisements to businesses–particularly large office complexes where you can hit a lot of customers in one stop–and explain the advantages of using your company. Stop in often, even if you don’t get requests for business right away. Sooner or later, people will start piling on the clothes.

Requirements to be successful with ODC

A van equipped with garment rails for delivery is required. You’ll also need a phone for accessing the driver’s app for delivery so customers can quickly contact you. Invest in cotton, vinyl or canvas laundry bags imprinted with your logo to leave with customers–it gives them the cachet of having ‘their own service’ and encourages them to put in garments for you to pick up.

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